More for less is always better.

With  MySoda you can make carbonated drinks for every taste with ease.  Always fresh, always better!

Our  Bubbles Fit in Just   About Every Soda  Maker on  The  Market.

If you already own a soda maker it is most likely that our  MySoda gas cylinder fits in your soda maker, too.   And with  MySoda concentrates you can make great drinks with any soda maker!

Home Carbonation Is Good!

Home carbonation is good for the environment. With every home carbonated bottle you are reducing the environmental stress of transporting bottled drinks.  And it also makes life so much easier. Let’s carbonate!

MySoda  Offers  Great  Flavours  For  Everybody.
Taste  For  Yourself!

You can pick from many different flavours.  And there’s more to come! Our high quality concentrates are made in EU. With each bottle you get up to 8 liters of soda. That’s more for less!

Home Carbonation Should Be Easy.
That’s Why Less Is  More in a Soda Maker.

We believe that a soda maker should be…

  • reliable
  • easy to use
  • compact
  • …and easy on the pocket (of course).

And guess what? MySoda Oasis Evo soda maker ticks all the boxes! The Quick Snap mechanism makes mounting the bottle as easy as pie.  And we kept the cost down by leaving all the unnecessary extras out. MySoda Oasis Evo is less than 42 centimeters high so it fits easily on the shelf or in the cupboard.

When You Carbonate,
Do It With  Fresh  Finnish  Bubbles.

MySoda gas cylinders are filled with Finnish carbon dioxide.
And we use wind power to fill them! With one cylinder you can make up to 60 liters of soda.

MySoda gas cylinders are fully compatible with all common soda makers.

Come  And Get It!

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